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A jewel of an island, with dense forests, cosmopolitan charm and famous beaches

You’re bound to have seen photographs of Lefkada’s world-renowned beaches. But when you arrive, you’ll quickly realise that it is even better in real life. Lefkada – or Lefkas – is easily accessible, hospitable and lively – a recipe for the perfect summer holiday in the Ionian Sea. Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki – the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean – have won international acclaim and are awarded annually with Blue Flags. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, scuba diving, flights in a prop plane, horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing around the surrounding islets like Skorpios… there is no end to the activities and sports activities and sports on offer here. You’ll explore the island, stay at luxurious or quaint and traditional hotels, eat at restaurants on the water. The welcoming Lefkada town will invite you to savour its culture by walking its alleyways, listening to its folk songs, enjoying bowls of Englouvi lentils on the feast day of Agios Donatas and meeting the famous bouranelous, the city dwellers for whom many angling is still their major hobby. - Immerse yourself in Lefkada’s magical world.

If you want to stay in the city of Lefkada you can visit the AquaVibe House.

Porto Katsiki beach in


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What to do on Lefkada

Are you ready to dive  into paradise? Here, turquoise meets azure, with white sand, white cliffs and smooth white pebbles. Vast exotic beaches, bays, cliffs that plunge  into the sea and an orgy of  pine trees that tumbles intoxicatingly towards the coast. And what a coast! Kathisma, Egremni, Milos, Pefkoulia, Myli, Ammoglossa...beaches trip off the tongue… And the island’s number one star, Porto Katsiki. Every swim is soul-cleansing. Every beach is an unforgettable experience.

Set sail to the islets around Lefkada
At Nydri, row upon row of masts sway to the rhythm of the wind, always poised to cast off. Untie those ropes and set sail in the Ionian’s azure waters for delightful hideaways like Pringiponisa, Meganisi, Kalamos and Kastos. For mariners, Lefkada’s surrounding islands are among the favourite destinations in Greece.

Skorpios: Onassis’ island sanctuary
Near Nydri you’ll find Skorpios, one of the most famous islets in the world and erstwhile summer refuge of the tycoon Aristotle Onassis. He bought it in 1963 and decorated it with all types of trees and exotic plants. Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Winston Churchill, kings, dukes, shipping magnates and, of course, Jackie O … all took part in famous parties and celebrations on Skorpios and on Onassis’ yacht, Christina, where they discovered the magic of the Ionian Sea. He was buried here in 1975.

The Dukato Lighthouse at

Lefkata Cape

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Nightlife in Lefkada

Lefkada is the island that combines everything in a unique way! You can find a great variety of restaurants and many bars that can cover every preference. Either you are looking for a quiet restaurant for a tasty dinner, or for a bar in order to enjoy a drink, or for a club in order to dance up to morning, you can find everything in Lefkas. Night clubs and bars are found mainly in the capital, as well as in the most popular tourist resorts, Nydri and Vassiliki. You will not be disappointed by Lefkas' nightlife!

Nightlife in Lefkada

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